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This is a classical stretch ceiling type. It looks like a perfectly smooth painted surface. This type is great for traditional interior designs. It gives a room a unique feeling of comfortб coziness and warmth.


A glossy stretch ceiling transforms the perception of a room. With this ceiling a small room looks larger and fills with light. And the material’s reflective properties effectively underline the interior details.


This type of fabric is the middle ground between matte and glossy stretch ceilings. It is visually perceived like natural sateen fabric. This decoration slightly reflects the light and infuses your interior with majestic calmness and cozy atmosphere.


This is a popular trend in the ceiling design. This stretch ceiling uses a printed image chosen by a customer. By using a photo printing techniques, our team will create an interior that has no analogues in the whole world.


A multilevel stretch ceiling consists of several fabrics that are installed at different height and create an organic composition. This solution helps to better group the elements of space and transforms the perception of its geometry.


Multilevel ceilings with lighting enhance and saturate a room’s ambience by combining several ceiling levels that change the perception of geometry with lighting elements that allow for virtually limitless experiments with interior design.


A floating ceiling creates a unique feeling of weightlessness and floating in space. This ceiling type has a hidden lighting source that is installed in a small gap between fabric and a special profile.


This is an unusual, but increasingly popular approach to ceiling design. This ceiling type is based on lines that are evenly lighted by LED strips. The LEDs that are installed behind the fabric are safe because they are not heating. The light lines can serve as decoration or can be used as the main light source in a room.


A carved stretch ceiling is distinguished by its unique artistic design where there’s a background fabric and another one that is carved with some shapes or ornaments. The two fabrics may have different colors and textures.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

A customer comes to our office (showroom). Optionally, we can show you our facilities, materials and possible designer solutions. We will also discuss the advantages of stretch ceilings.

We meet at our customer’s home or office, take measurements, and discuss your ideas and preferences.

After we’ve taken measurements and discussed the customer’s preferences, our designers start creating an individual design which is then used for calculating project time and costs. Then the customer approves the price, and we sign a contract.

At this stage our specialists start the installation. The customer doesn’t need to move from his or her house or remove furniture. Installation will not disturb your daily routine and will be done quickly, professionally and without construction waste.

What is a stretch ceiling?

A stretch ceiling is an approach to ceiling design where a stretched fabric is installed on a previously assembled framework of plastic or metal profile. The resulting ceiling looks like a perfectly smooth surface. By contrast, to get a ceiling of similar quality when using different methods, much more effort is needed, because one first has to smoothen the base, apply the priming coat, and then decorate the ceiling by using paint or other approaches.

Thus, the speed of installation is a key factor for choosing a stretch ceiling. An average stretch ceiling installation time in a middle-sized room is up to several hours. It should also be noted that designing and installing a stretch ceiling is very convenient when viewed with the context of renovation works as a whole. Such a ceiling is usually installed when previous dusty work is finished.